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Benefits of Yoga for Pregnant Women

 Yoga is a sport derived from India, is a sport for everyone, and is one of the few sports that pregnant mothers can practice. Yoga practice consists of gentle on-the-spot exercises that mainly use breathing regulation in combination with the movement of muscles and joints in the body to help the body feel stretched and relaxed. So for pregnant women, what are the benefits of Yoga?

If you know the benefits of yoga for pregnant women, you will have more motivation for practicing

Practicing yoga during pregnancy has become increasingly popular in recent years. However, not everyone understands the benefits of yoga for pregnant women and it is easy to ignore this form of practice before they can find it out. In order not to make this mistake, immediately refer to the following benefits of yoga for pregnancy.

Whether it’s your first time or you’ve been pregnant before, yoga can help you improve your health during pregnancy. Some benefits of yoga for pregnant women include:

Your body will become healthier

During pregnancy, your body may experience unexpected physical and emotional changes. Hormones like estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, relaxin, and oxytocin are also likely to suddenly increase. At this time, practicing yoga will be an effective way to balance changes in your body.

Moreover, exercise also limits the risk of storing excess fat in the waist, especially the lower part of the body, thereby contributing to firming the body as well as making you feel more relaxed and comfortable. with his body.

Practice breathing techniques

The hormonal changes taking place in the body can affect your psychology. Therefore, your mood can change without any reason, you can become sad and disappointed even though you were still having fun before. To control your emotions, focusing on breathing is extremely important during pregnancy.

According to MayoClinic, practicing yoga will teach us how to regulate breathing during pregnancy, while also maximizing the oxygen supply to the fetus in the abdomen. Besides, understanding breathing techniques during labor helps you reduce pain during labor.

Repel back pain

One benefit of yoga for pregnant women that is worth mentioning is the ability to fight back pain during pregnancy. Back pain is often considered a common enemy of women during pregnancy because of the discomfort and inconvenience of daily life that it brings.

The American Pregnancy Association believes that practicing yoga during pregnancy will help your blood circulation, physical development, and help the back muscles to relax and relax after the stresses caused by the fetus. Your back pain will improve significantly after a few days of yoga.

Muscles will be more supple during childbirth

Yoga not only makes it easier to master breathing techniques but also contributes to good contractions and makes the birth process less painful.

Yoga poses for pregnant women, which are especially for the tight muscles needed during labor, so it helps your hips to be more flexible and flexible. Some poses, such as squats, can effectively help stretch the hips and pelvis.

Help you relax

Pregnant women will often feel restless, worried about fetal development, daily diet, or preparing for delivery. These prolonged worries can lead to trouble sleeping or depression during pregnancy.

To avoid this risk, besides keeping your mind as comfortable as possible, you should persevere in yoga. This type of exercise will help you learn how to breathe deeply and slowly through your nose – one of the methods to stay calm and relax. Research shows that yoga is one of the effective ways to help you avoid depression during pregnancy.

Relaxing postures, also known as savasana, teach during the last sessions of yoga classes for pregnant women and are capable of treating insomnia very effectively.

Improve sleep and immune system

Through deep breathing, while practicing yoga, the nervous system switches to parasympathetic mode. This helps pregnant women have better sleep, and also thanks to which the immune system works better

Feeling more connected with the fetus

While practicing yoga, a series of movements or postures are performed to help the fetus feel more comfortable in the womb. Sometimes, the coach will also teach you how to talk to your baby. Such as rubbing his belly before training and telling him that you and he will practice together. This will make you more comfortable during practice and make you want to talk more with your child.

Get to know other mothers

You will find it very interesting to go to the gym and practice yoga with other mothers. You can talk about changes in the body. Further, you can find out about any maternity hospital, or even which diapers are best and best suited for babies.

Meeting and talking with other pregnant women is also a good way to relax during pregnancy.

Best time for pregnant women to practice yoga

If the pregnant mother does not have any health problems. You can practice yoga as soon as she finds out she is pregnant. But, to be effective and safe for both mother and child, pregnant women should consult a doctor before training.

However, pregnant women should still start after the 12th week of pregnancy. Because the first 3 months is a time of sensitive, easy morning sickness and movement is often limited.